Monthly Archives: September 2013

Hello NIP user!

Welcome to NEIGHBOURHOOD IMPROVEMENT POINTS otherwise known as NIPs. We are running a trial in the Redruth Parkfield Platt rectangle of houses (i.e. all the houses on those streets that share the same back alleys), as well as in some houses in neighbouring streets. If this trial works then, with Council support, the NIPs might be worth something. The Council is certainly monitoring the trial and will be very interested in its outcome.

Here’s how this trial is now working. We come round on Thursday night to weigh the blue, brown and black waste you have accumulated over the week in three separate lidded plastic boxes (we provide these) and also to weigh the green waste you have accumulated over the week in your small green bins. You can conveniently keep these lidded plastic boxes in your back yards so that they do not take up space in your kitchens. You will be awarded 100 NIPs for each kg of green, blue and brown that you have accumulated over the last week. You will then deposit your blue, brown and black waste from these boxes in the appropriate containers which are located, as you know, in our back alley. By weighing the black waste of contributing houses, we are able to estimate the percentage of our total waste that is black, i.e. not recycled, and thus show, hopefully, how this percentage of black waste is coming down.

Ideas for what the Council, if it feels so inclined, might let the NIPs be used for, either on a ward level or on a household level would be most welcome.

To see details on NIPs collected so far and the percentage of waste each week that is black, click on NIPs at the top of this website.