Commonwealth Ave/Athletes Way/Holly St/Arena Drive (Zone 7)

Citizens Advice Bureau say:

Every time there is an incident go to

then click on

Pollution: including smoke, smells, hazardous material,

then fill in an online complaint form, and then submit it. The more people that do this, the better. These forms go to the Environmental Health Department of the Council, and the Council is required to respond to them. If the Council do not act satisfactorily within a certain time, we can then take it to the Local Government Ombudsman. Suggest that all incidents that have already occurred are submitted as online complaint forms with times, dates, details of smells, dust, noise etc. Also suggest that this post could be used as a focus so that every form submitted is logged as a comment to this post. They will then be listed in very brief title/date/time form on the front page of this post so that anyone can see at a glance the growing extent of the problem.

Further down the line, with all this evidence clearly visible in one place, another visit to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) (at 159, Princess Road, Moss Side) could well enable that agency to refer us to the Bar Pro Bono Unit for free legal help. (We cannot go to the Bar Pro Bono Unit unless we are referred to it by agencies such as the CAB, a firm of solicitors or an MP).

See  for a July 2014 Manchester Evening News article written when the problem was really bad. It shows the power of photographic evidence!

Please also feel free, if you want to, to send any photos you take or have taken to and they can be included on the front page of this post and in your comments to this post which log your online complaint forms (see above).

See file:///C:/Users/Jonathon/Downloads/11__Vacant_land_at_Rondin_Road__M12_6BF.pdf



for planning documents relating to one of the waste processing sites.


Possible useful numbers for dumping issue:

Manchester City Council Environmental Health Department (Noise and/or air pollution) 0161 234 5004

Environment Agency 0370 850 6506 (Emergency Hotline 0800 807060)

Friends of the Earth Legal Advice Line  0808 801 0405

Health and Safety Executive 0870 154 5500 (Incident Line 0845 300 9923)

Jackson & Canter Solicitors 0333 321 4580

You can’t get Legal Aid for much these days but you can get Legal Aid for an injunction to stop a nuisance caused by environmental pollution (according to the Citizens Advice Bureau website).

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